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Welcome to Markout, snizzlechamps.

Boomstick uses a modified version of Markdown, called Markout. Markdown is a lightweight markup language, which basically means that it isn't a total pain in the ass to write text documents with simple formatting. For example, you can write this:

I sure do looove ungulates.

simply by writing this:

I sure do _looove_ **ungulates.**

Markdown is particularly cool because it's designed around the idea that a Markdown-formatted document should be simple, easy to read, and basically shouldn't look like ass. That's keen because, for example, you can write a document in Markdown, email it to all your favorite celebrity stalkers, and then publish it on the web without modification. Keen! There's more on that over here.

About Markdown, that is. There's more about celebrity stalkers over here.

Markout goes a little further beyond, adding free links and giving the whole thing some simple wiki functionality. So if you type something like this:


You'll get a link like this: index.

While we're at it, here are are a couple of links:

Also, here's an image: